Operational Analytics

Harness Operational Analytics to Achieve Agile Operations and Intelligent Outcomes

In today’s complex and competitive business environment, companies expect to bring fine quality products to the market more quickly and more smartly while ensuring the costs are kept at the bottom point. This is where USM’s Operational Analytics help them achieve competitive advantage through effective and efficient operations.

How USM Helps

USM is a global IT services and staffing company, offering world-class Operational Analytics services for leading enterprise companies in Dallas, Texas; Chantilly, Virginia; Washington DC and for the global market. We even serve as operational analytics vendors.

Our Operational Analytics Services give you ability to forecast demands, optimize inventory, enable predictive asset maintenance, spare parts optimization and in warranty management while lessening risks & boosting efficiency in the workplace.

Our Major Operational Analytics Offerings

Store Analytics:

Mainly aimed at the retail industry, our Store Analytics solutions enable consumer goods companies and other retailers to enable operational expense optimization, payroll optimization and fraud reduction.

Fraud Analytics:

Mainly aimed at the banking industry, our Fraud Analytics solutions enable banks and other financial organizations to avoid, detect, deter, remediate and investigate frauds through regular analysis of pre-defined key factors.

Insurance & Claims Engineering:

Our Insurance and Claims Engineering solutions span two different operation-specific solutions:

Subrogation Solution: It helps you profoundly look into first notice of loss, pre-claims, claim performance and recoveries.

Insurance Customer Analytics: It is a customer-centered solution, enhancing your capability at getting deep insight into prospecting, acquisition, retention, profitability, loss, renewal rate, and risk.


Our Operational Analytics Services help you gain the following tangible benefits:

  • Capability to well understand market threats and opportunities
  • Greater visibility and deep insights into your business operations
  • Predictive capabilities to avoid potential issues and take an immediate and right action to improve performance
  • Gain ready access to information in near real time to have better decision making capability
  • Capability to enable efficient asset life cycle management
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