Architecture & Consulting

USM helps businesses design and build cutting-edge AI solutions that enable them to achieve a first-mover advantage to be a leader in the better future.

Imagine how smart your sales process would be if your sales automation AI understands your calendar, email, and phone interactions with clients and automatically builds and monitors your pipeline. USM can help you do just that – design and build sales bots to send introductory mails, greetings, and manage manual data entry; improve the accuracy and predictability of your sales pipeline; focus more on closing deals rather than making proposals; turn leads into customers more quickly.

We leverage our own experience to design AI solutions that help you find correlations and sentiments in the customer data, so you can easily identify unsatisfied customers and address them proactively. Easily find flaws, utilize preemptive fixes that leverage customer data and service usage information to better understand customer behavior patterns, and personalize customer service for better retention.

Our areas of expertise cover

Augmented / virtual reality

Internet of Things (IoT)

Mobile commerce

Retention programs

Enterprise data management