Contingent Workforce

USM is recognized as one of the fastest growing IT services firm in the US; our Contingent Workforce business that delivers IT Staffing and Recruiting services has been ranked #3 in The List of Top IT Staffing Companies in the DC metro area, 3 years in a row by the Washington Business Journal.

Our Contingent Workforce division draws on the experience of some of the top experts in the industry, working passionately to find the best fit talent for customers’ projects. Most recruiters have access to the same or similar candidate pools and databases; what makes ours different is the potent mix of people, processes, tools and technologies.

Our intake process for new job orders is extremely customer focused; our tools are custom built with the best of breed features; the technologies we deploy are smart – we are one of the first companies in the contingent workforce industry to deploy AI solutions to augment the search process; and finally, our recruiters are some of the most passionate in the industry, working relentlessly (sometimes, even on weekends) to screen every candidate we find, as long as the job order is not filled.

USM’s staffing approach is flexible and can accommodate any number of task orders regardless of size, location, complexity, or technology. USM managers can readily apply our proven staffing processes to acquire skilled staff at multiple locations in time to support all task orders successfully. Our approach for obtaining staff leverages a five-step process that task order managers will follow to acquire the necessary resources. Workforce management is driven by locating the best available candidates, and then retaining them through competitive salaries and a variety of benefits.

We understand that there are a lot of placement agencies, employment agencies, recruitment / recruiting firms that clients can reach out to for contingent workforce, contract staffing, permanent hires and executive search. However, as a world class staff augmentation firm that ranks within the Top 10 staffing agencies in the DC Metro area, as well we offer a variety of IT staffing services in California, New Jersey, Texas, Dallas, Chantilly USA, we strive to make the latest trends and technologies available to clients before our competitors. This is made possible by a highly skilled internal workforce that is hardworking and dedicated to the cause of bringing cutting edge technology to our clients. Some of the tasks that our staffing specialists perform on behalf of our clients include

• Creating and analyzing the job requirements
• Sourcing and searching for candidates
• Screening and shortlisting available profiles
• Promoting and marketing vacancies as well as clients’ brands
• Scheduling skills assessments
• Coordinating the selection, offers and onboard process
• Managing the retention, performance evaluation and offboarding process.

Our Contingent Workforce offerings include

Digital Solutions

Hire, Train, Deploy (HTD)

Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Contracting and Direct hires

While our recruiters pride themselves with being able to find candidates for almost any IT skill, we prefer to group them into the following 9 broad categories




Analytics Big Data




Angular JS

UI/UX Design

We understand that just finding the right people for customers projects is not enough, our practitioners expect a lot out of their employer; over the years, we have made significant investments in the very same areas (people, processes, tools and technology) to improve employee engagement and to ensure the best possible experience for our practitioners. This is probably best exemplified by the fact that more than 40% of our practitioners continue working with USM after completion of their first gig.