Internet of Things

Smart Enterprise, Smart Operations, Smart World: Possible with USM’s IoT

Today every business’s key focus is on future-generation technologies to achieve a competitive advantage, where IoT stands at the top. IoT turns products, processes, services and everything come within it intelligent, so they can communicate with each other and with people over the internet. Let us transform your devices as ‘smart devices’ and transform your enterprise as ‘smart and connected enterprise’.

How USM Helps

USM Business Systems is a global IT services and staffing company, offering data-driven IoT solutions in Dallas, Texas; Chantilly, Virginia; Washington DC, and for the global market. Our innovation-driven IoT solutions help you build the connected enterprise, streamline business operations, improve workforce productivity, and enhance customer experience.

Our IoT solutions also help you address unique enterprise and customer-related challenges and grab new business opportunities. USM also serves as vendors for IoT services and solutions.

Our Industry-Specific IoT Solutions

Smart Homes

Our IoT solutions for smart homes and smart buildings improve the quality of living, reduce energy usage, and avoid potential risks, such as collapse of building due to damage in a wall or leak in a roof. Overall IoT improves the use and experiences of physical spaces.

Smart Transport

Our IoT solutions for the transportation industry help to build a complete connected vehicle network that includes on-board software development and integration, and system to bridge the network through global mobile network operators, which is accompanied by service delivery platform and managed services capabilities.

Smart Operations

Our IoT solutions optimize and improve operational efficiency, improve asset performance and enable connected industrial workers and connected asset management.

Connected Commerce

Our e-commerce IoT solutions help to deliver a personalized commerce experience for every transaction initiated by an individual or device.

Connected Health

Our healthcare IoT solutions help enrich patient experiences, streamline operational processes, improve the quality of healthcare, enhance staff productivity, and enable remote patient monitoring and well utilization of medical equipment.

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