Financial Services

The recent global financial crisis unleashed a whole new set of challenges for banks and financial institutions. The rising default and delinquency rates in mortgages and asset-based products put the spotlight back on improving the profitability, shareholder value and building a quality book of assets. The consolidation of portfolios due to mergers and acquisitions led to a fragmented technology space, with different solutions often providing similar business features. In addition, the tightening compliance and regulatory framework spurred banks to frequently change their business processes, standard operating procedures and MIS reporting systems.

USM has studied the client’s business processes, roadmaps, regulatory requirements and legacy systems. Our subject matter experts (SME) and architects conducted joint discussions with the customer’s lines of businesses, SMEs and technology teams to create a cohesive solution. Our USM team has engaged with the client at various levels while implementing strategies. The consultative approach to problem solving and solution design enabled the customer to leverage USM’ expertise in mortgage banking.