IT Staffing

USM is recognized as one of the fastest growing Top IT Staffing firms in the US and most recently was ranked #3 on the list of the Top IT Staffing firms in the DC Metro Area – Washington Business Journal (2016).

USM has a mature “Go to market methodology” with regard to Professional services, which it has developed and nurtured for over a decade. The methodology, combined with our substantive capabilities and well-supported processes enhance the delivery to our customers. USM’s staffing approach is flexible and can accommodate any number of task orders regardless of size, location, complexity, or technology. USM managers can readily apply our proven staffing processes to acquire skilled staff at multiple locations on time to support all task orders successfully. Our approach for obtaining staff is organized into a five-step process that task order managers will follow to acquire the necessary resources. Our employee management is driven by locating the best, available candidates, and then retaining them through competitive salaries and a full range of benefit