Maintenance & Support

The real value of IT support solutions is felt during an unfortunate outage. Sales not registering due to POS terminals not functioning; customer orders not being received due to network being down; users losing productivity due to mailboxes not replicating; weeks and months of hard work lost due to poor backup strategies – these are just some of the worst nightmares of every IT manager.

USM can run your IT operations smoothly and cost-effectively. We can monitor all your key IT assets 24×7 to ensure that any unforeseen outage is addressed instantly, and support teams are quickly mobilized to minimize any downtime. Our engineers run nightly diagnostics and apply predictive analytics to proactively fix issues that may lead to avoidable disruptions for the business users.

We can adopt existing service management tools & processes and apply proven ITIL methodologies to deliver significantly improved availability SLA’s. We can also implement new tools, if needed.

USM’s maintenance and support services cover

24×7 eyes-on-glass

Remote IT support

On-premise infrastructure management

Cloud application support