Portals & UX Design

We at USM know how important your business identity is and it’s more than just your sales team and the people who answer your telephones that portray the image of your business. When not in direct contact with your firm, your customers or potential customers use the impression in their heads or on paper about your business. It is usually your corporate look that they think of when they think of you. The first impression of your company for a customer will probably be your logo, which they will use to make assumptions about your business. If you’re an IT company and your logo is sharp swift and technically advanced, that’s the exact first impression that your customer will have of you and your business.

Our designs are creative and conceptual designs that work well and look good! We design from scratch every time to make your corporate identity, logo, covers or advertisements one of a kind, and this is important in a competitive market more so than most would believe. Most of the time buying a product or service the decision is made subconsciously by the creative side of our brains. Our eyes pick up the easiest shapes and objects to recognize and the most aesthetically pleasing images talk to us the best.